INSPIRATORS is a series in which I’ll highlight some of my immensely talented friends or colleagues. Basically once (or maybe twice?) a month i’m going to make a post about a friend or friends in a creative field who deserve more recognition for the unbelievably wonderful things they create; be it music, photography, illustration, music, video or motion graphics, etc. These are people who make me want to try harder, work longer, and above all- create. I promise that you’ll enjoy these images, videos or sounds. So take a second and check em’ out?



Eric is a videographer//editor//cinematographer//photographer//illustrator//artist//musician. Eric currently works at Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic as a video chronicler. He’s traveled and worked in places like Norway, Iceland, Ecuador, Antarctica, South Georgia, the Azores, Cape Verde, and many, many more. Recently he made history by traveling to South Georgia for Google with a Google Trekker to chronicle the islands on foot.  You can view the results here. He was featured in videos by both the BBC & National Geographic that highlight his work on the trip.

You can find some of his video work below