INSPIRATORS is a series in which I’ll highlight some of my immensely talented friends or colleagues. Basically once (or maybe twice?) a month i’m going to make a post about a friend or friends in a creative field who deserve more recognition for the unbelievably wonderful things they create; be it music, photography, illustration, music, video or motion graphics, etc. I promise that you’ll enjoy these images, videos or sounds. So take a second and check em’ out?



The man himself.. and another person who I do not know. He is the one without the beard.

Michael, or as he is also known, ‘Foo’ or ‘Crazy Eyes’, is an painter/illustrator/funnyman/artist. I met him in highschool and have always known him super creative and hardworking dude with a great eye.  He studied Studio Art at Millikin University and had his thesis exhibition, Omphaloskepsis: New Visions, there in April of 2014. In his own words:

“Omphaloskepsis refers to the act of contemplating one’s navel as an aid to meditation—quite literally, navel gazing. In Western culture, ‘navel gazing’ is often used derogatorily, meaning someone who thinks too much about themselves, who is too self-absorbed, or even narcissistic. These two definitions are at odds with each other. Is contemplating one’s navel an introspective, reflective act or simply a waste of time? For this series of self-portraits, I have spent many hours every day staring at myself in the mirror. Are they sublime ruminations on the internal conflicts of the self, or are they representations of self-obsession? Are they transcendental or narcissistic? Is it self-reflective or self-destructive to spend so long with just yourself?”

Self Portrait as a Navel Gazer



Self Portrait as a Navel Gazer (Detail)


More recently he traveled to Houston TX. to show and sell his work in John Ross Palmer’s event, ‘The Afternoon of Escapism’. He was the first student from his school to have the privilege of attending.


Self Portrait (Whistler)



Self Portrait as a Man Left to His Own Devices


 Dead Right Arm


Self Portrait Having Just Met The Queen Bee


Currently Michael is in the studio working a new series. If you would like to see more of his work feel free to check out his website. If you’re interested in purchasing his work he can be contacted at